Ankit”V3nom” Panth – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Ankit has fulfilled his dreams of being a professional gamer with commitment and a humble attitude. Aside from middle-class society, Ankit needed less to no aid during the start of his trip. He’s not just dedicated all of his time in gambling but has also attained a name for himself in DJing along with the fitness market. “There was a time where people used to see me as a bad influence because I played a computer game and they thought that I was just wasting my life and would never earn from this,” he states.

Saransh Jain


Saransh Jain – FIFA

Saransh never actually knew whether He’d Have the Ability to move professional. I won the tournament with a dominant performance and was unbeaten for quite some time, this made me realize that this actually might be my cup of tea,” he states. The journey has never been easy, and also a few roadblocks pub the otherwise ideal Cinderella story. Saransh has his eyes set at getting the very best in Asia.

Krish”MooN” Gupta – Dota Two

Few talk about a narrative as impressive as Krish. He began playing Dota 1 if he was 8, and while most changes occurred in his lifetime, 1 thing that stayed constant was his devotion to the game. He chased the solo rated warrior lifestyle for a fantastic year and shortly got noticed by men and women with an intriguing MMR of 4k in the tender age of 13! He moved on to secure a sponsorship in the afterward Entity Esports. Now, he has breached to the 7k bracket on SEA and is now the star player for Entity Gaming’s busy squad, all in age 16!

Amit”Zapheto” Malwal – Dota two

Amit’s venture into video games started at age 5 with Tomb Raider. He also developed a passion for gambling when he had been introduced into Dota 2 in age 13. The A-star pupil opted to earn gambling his lifetime sacrificing many things together his trip. Zapheto now plays position 4 to Entity Gaming. I’m happy to have reached a place where I can confidently say that I am walking on the right path,” he states.

Since that time, there’s been no turning back to the 20-year-old who’s currently among India’s elite players. Simar thereafter started vaguely after the national landscape in India and thought,”I could do that!” And he did! Unfortunately, he injured his hands and has been diagnosed with RSI (Repetitive strain injury). “But that definitely doesn’t stop my plans on improving myself to compete at the highest level of CSGO globally,” he states.

Aditya”Spammy” Singh Nathawat – Fortnite

For Aditya, everything began when he saw several buddies of his playing Counter-Strike in a neighborhood cafe. It required just but a glimpse of the game that directed him down the esports street. Spammy always had a desire to become better at any given match he playedwith. Whether it really is World of Warcraft or Fortnite (he plays professionally), getting a taste of success and scaling the ladder means every thing to him. “Every engagement is different from the other, and there is always things to learn or to do differently as the meta constantly changes,” he states.