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Clash of the Battle Goats

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Clash of the Battle Goats Review | COG Gaming

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Clash of the Battle Goats ContentsYear Published: 2016
Designer: Brent Critchfield
Publisher: Studio Woe
Players: 2-4
Playtime: 20-45 minutes

One Sentence Synopsis: The grass is the same shade of green on the other side…but now there’s twice as much!

There’s never too much of a good thing, and what’s better than mutant goats?  The correct answer is “not much,” which is why if you enjoyed last year’s Gruff, or if you’re new to the mutant scene and are looking for a fast-paced, competitive card game, you’ll want to give Studio Woe’s new standalone, tactical card game Clash of the Battle Goats a look (on Kickstarter now). Continue reading

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COG Gaming Reviews Gruff, the Tactical Game of Mutant Goats

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COG Gaming - Gruff card game Shepherd cardYear Published: 2015
Designer: Brent Critchfield
Publisher: Studio Woe
Players: 2-4
Playtime: 20-45 minutes

One Sentence Synopsis: These goats gruff are the real reason the troll never bothers anyone anymore…

Mutant. Goats. I think that’s all the introduction this game really needs, because if that doesn’t pique your interest I honestly don’t know what will.  Gruff is a strategic, expandable card game for 2-4 players.  Each player takes on the role of a unique, demented shepherd charged with herding mutant, weaponized goats.  There’s only room in the pasture for one herd, meaning there’s only one thing left to do: have a mutant goat war!  The duel is one to the death, and the last player standing at the end of the game is the winner. Continue reading