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Clash of the Battle Goats

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Clash of the Battle Goats Review | COG Gaming

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Clash of the Battle Goats ContentsYear Published: 2016
Designer: Brent Critchfield
Publisher: Studio Woe
Players: 2-4
Playtime: 20-45 minutes

One Sentence Synopsis: The grass is the same shade of green on the other side…but now there’s twice as much!

There’s never too much of a good thing, and what’s better than mutant goats?  The correct answer is “not much,” which is why if you enjoyed last year’s Gruff, or if you’re new to the mutant scene and are looking for a fast-paced, competitive card game, you’ll want to give Studio Woe’s new standalone, tactical card game Clash of the Battle Goats a look (on Kickstarter now). Continue reading

Codex: Card-Time Strategy feature image for COG Gaming review

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Codex: Card-Time Strategy Review | COG Gaming

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Year Published: TBD
Designer: David Sirlin
Publisher: Sirlin Games
Players: 2-5
Playtime: 30-60 minutes

One Sentence Synopsis: A Trading Card Game (TCG), Deck Builder, and a Real Time Strategy (RTS) video game walk into a bar…

Sirlin Games has a reputation for publishing colorful, well-balanced titles that are widely accessible while offering enough depth to keep more serious players coming back for more.  They’ve seen extraordinary success with their fighting card game Yomi, and the quick-playing Puzzle Strike which gives a deck building experience using chips instead of cards, and a unique gem combination/”crashing” system for combination attacks and defense.

Codex: Card-Time Strategy (currently on Kickstarter) Continue reading

Sultan's Library logo for COG Gaming review


COG Gaming Print and Play Review of Sultan’s Library

COG Gaming - Sultan's Library, main library location cardYear Published: 2015
Designer: Ryno Lourens
Publisher: Photon Games
Players: 2-4
Playtime: 15-45 minutes

One Sentence Synopsis: Who knew libraries could be so dangerous?

Sultans generally get what they want, and in Sultan’s Library from Photon Games(currently on Kickstarter), the Sultan wants books.  Lots of them.  Acting as Envoys of the Sultan, 2-4 players are tasked with traveling the world seeking knowledge to ultimately return to his library.  Each manuscript acquired by players in their travels has a knowledge value, and after one player has deposited three such items into the library the knowledge points are totaled and the Envoy who has delivered the most valuable finds wins the game. Continue reading

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Abyss Board Game REVIEW | COG Gaming

cog gaming board game review - Abyss Box ContentsYear Published: 2014
Designer: Bruno Cathala, Charles Chevallier
Publisher: Asmodee
Players: 2-4
Playtime: 30-60 minutes

One Sentence Synopsis: Devotin’ full time to floatin’ will leave you beached.

Abyss is a light, competitive game for 2-4 players where each player attempts to become King of the Abyss by utilizing hand management, set collection, and push-your-luck mechanics to recruit Lords, to affiliate Allies, and to take control of underwater locations in order to gain influence points.   Continue reading