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Current Projects

COG Gaming has a number of board or card games that are in conceptual stages.  We’re currently working on our first official title, Shankee Doodle Dandy, that is currently in prototype and play-testing.

Shankee Doodle Dandy:

Type: Card

Players: 2-8

Time: 20-45 minutes

Designer: Ben Duerksen

Co-conceptualist: Brittany Wink

Graphic Design: Brittany Wink

Artist: TBD

Shankee Doodle Dandy is a fast-paced competitive card game that pits players against the game, and each other.  An astute colonist has realized the true meaning behind the lyrics of “Yankee Doodle Dandy” and has gone into a feverish rage.  The only cure? No, not more cowbell.  Shanking.  Lots of shanking.

image (2)

Skeletal prototype deck and central setup.

In Shankee Doodle Dandy players take on the role of a British officer, each with a unique ability, who is trying to avoid being shanked by the bloodthirsty Colonial.  Each round players have the option of playing actions to help themselves, equipping cards that augment their evasion efforts, or betrayal cards that attempt to throw the other players under Shankee’s metaphorical carriage in the hopes that his bloodlust will subside before he gets to them.  At the same time, the game(Shankee) is playing against the players, gaining power at the end of each round and possibly disrupting players’ actions with special abilities.  The last player left in play survives the onslaught and is considered the winner.

We’ve already finished initial play-testing on Shankee Doodle Dandy and have begun beta-testing using a homemade prototype deck with a basic version of card layouts.  Our graphic designer, Brittany Wink, is in the process of creating the full prototype card templates which we will soon use to manufacture real prototype decks with placeholder art.

Shankee Prototype 2.0 layouts, with rounded corners and no manufacturer bleed.

Shankee Prototype 2.0 layouts, with rounded corners and no manufacturer bleed.

If you’re interested in helping play-test the game, please contact us below.  Likewise, we have not started looking for an artist yet but if you would like more information for yourself or a friend who may be interested in being contracted for art for the game please let us know.

Shankee Doodle Dandy is COG Gaming ‘s first design and publishing venture of hopefully many more to come.  As such we’ve tried to keep things fairly simple with this project as we learn the manufacturing and production process surrounding Kickstarted games;  we’ve kept mechanics for the game simple yet engaging, giving players multiple choices during their turn through draw and play mechanics, and have tried to really emphasize social interaction and theme(we’re very excited to start the art process).


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