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Dol Guldur from The Hobbit movie


Lord of the Rings LCG Blog Series: Captive in Dol Guldur! | COG Gaming

Having downed two trolls and overcome our pursuers we finally reached the woods of Lothlorien, and were soon tasked by the Lady Galadriel herself to investigate enemy activities around Dol Guldur.  I’d like to say that our adventures in the core set are on the verge of coming to an end, and that we’ll soon get to move onto the first adventure pack in the Mirkwood cycle, or maybe onto The Hobbit Saga Expansion to really expand the card pool we have access to for deck building, but either way we’re too familiar with the game now to think that’s going to happen immediately coming up on the last, and supposedly hardest, scenario in The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game’s (LOTR LCG) core box: Escape from Dol Guldur. Continue reading


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Quick Blog Update!

Hey Everyone!

It has been a few months, so I just wanted to stop by and say that YES, we are coming back soon with new reviews and articles!  I’ve been away from home training for a new job for the past month and a half, and have one more month to go followed by relocation to Las Vegas, NV–it’s an exciting time, and I’m looking forward to finding new people to play with, test games, and help me with the review process once I’m moved.  I haven’t had any writing time since I’ve been here with the exception of one article for a Kickstarter campaign that decided to postpone indefinitely; never fear though, I’ve got a backlog of games at home to review and a number of (hopefully) great Kickstarter games to share my thoughts on once I’m back in the writing saddle.  Until then, stay tuned for a preview within the next two weeks of Game Salute’s new tactical miniatures game Fathoms, launching on Kickstarter on September 15th!

On a related note, if you’ve read the blog and have a feel for how I review games, and are an avid gamer yourself and want to try your hand at some reviewing, please drop me a line so we can discuss!  I’d like to get another writer or two involved here so we can cover more games and get more content to readers, but I want to maintain consistency in style and opinion.  If interested, e-mail me using the contact form Contact Me!

COG Gaming - March of the Ants Art

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March of the Ants from Weird City Games REVIEW | COG Gaming

cog gaming board game review -  march of the ants boxYear Published: 2015
Designer: Tim Eisner, Ryan Swisher
Publisher: Weird City Games
Players: 1-5
Playtime: 70 minutes

One Sentence Synopsis: If Sim Ant got an official board game, it might look pretty close to this. 

I’ve always had a fascination with ants and their industriousness, their order and organization, and their construction abilities.  I had multiple small, kid-friendly ant farms growing up.  You know the ones I mean: a small, thin rectangle of plastic with a bit of sand in-between two plates, and a nice little vial of chilled ants that, once returned to room-temperature, would work away heartily for a few weeks constructing a small network of tunnels before you’d start finding them curled up deceased on top of the nest where their surviving compatriots had lovingly dumped them.  I had dreams of having the huge, self-sustaining ant farms some museums have, and I even came close to having a more modest version when I found a fledgling queen and her drones one summer.  Alas, it was not meant to be, and I had to turn to Maxis’s Sim Ant to satiate my ant-mania. Continue reading

COG Gaming - Sheriff of Nottingham

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Sheriff of Nottingham REVIEW | COG Gaming

cog gaming board game review - sheriff of nottingham contentYear Published: 2014
Designer: Sergio Halaban, Bryan Pope, Andre Zatz
Publisher: Arcane Wonders
Players: 3-5
Playtime: 60 minutes

One Sentence Synopsis: You don’t need a giant wooden badger to sneak your cargo past these gates- just a good poker face, a little luck, and a well-placed coin or two.

Most of you are familiar with the fable of Robin Hood. Good King Richard rides off to fight in the Crusades, leaving England in the incapable and corrupt hands of Prince John and his minions. The good people of the realm are slowly crushed under higher taxes and levies that are enforced at the tip of a sword, and aimed at ensuring an opulent lifestyle for John and his pals. From out of the misery and chaos rises Robin Hood, whose renown as a bowman helps him and his merry band of miscreants steal from the rich and give to the poor. Continue reading

COG Gaming - Galaxy of Trian Kickstarter Highlight

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Amending the Plan: Galaxy of Trian

Galaxy of Trian box

With this year’s Gencon behind us you can expect to see lots of new board game projects pop up on Kickstarter, and lots of new retail releases in the coming month.   There are already a number of projects I’ve added to my ever-expanding board game ‘want’ list, but the campaign I think I’m most excited about is Galaxy of Trian from Creativemaker LLC.  As Undead Viking points out in his video review of the game, if this were a simple tile-laying game there wouldn’t be much here other than the gorgeous artwork.  In fact, if that’s all it were I’d be tempted to compare it to the triangle tile-matching games you so often see in museum and zoo gift shops.  While tile-laying does play a part in the game by allowing players to build the galaxy according to their own strategies and gaining points while doing so, the game then adds elements of area control and building that really look like they add a cool space-opera feel to the game without the seemingly inherent rules complexity and time commitment those games usually involve. Continue reading

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Shankee Doodle Dandy Layouts Complete!

I’m pleased to announce that we’ve hit a big milestone with our design process for Shankee Doodle Dandy!  All of the card text (names and flavor text) are finished, and we’ve completed the prototype layouts for all card types.  Best of all, it’s all ready to download in a tidy Print and Play word document.  We’re going to use this new, full-color version to playtest more this weekend, and once we’re satisfied everything is in order and we make any additional tweaks to the cards or design we feel are necessary, we’ll start sending the PnP files to everyone who has volunteered to help us blind test the game.   Continue reading