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Hey Everyone!

It has been a few months, so I just wanted to stop by and say that YES, we are coming back soon with new reviews and articles!  I’ve been away from home training for a new job for the past month and a half, and have one more month to go followed by relocation to Las Vegas, NV–it’s an exciting time, and I’m looking forward to finding new people to play with, test games, and help me with the review process once I’m moved.  I haven’t had any writing time since I’ve been here with the exception of one article for a Kickstarter campaign that decided to postpone indefinitely; never fear though, I’ve got a backlog of games at home to review and a number of (hopefully) great Kickstarter games to share my thoughts on once I’m back in the writing saddle.  Until then, stay tuned for a preview within the next two weeks of Game Salute’s new tactical miniatures game Fathoms, launching on Kickstarter on September 15th!

On a related note, if you’ve read the blog and have a feel for how I review games, and are an avid gamer yourself and want to try your hand at some reviewing, please drop me a line so we can discuss!  I’d like to get another writer or two involved here so we can cover more games and get more content to readers, but I want to maintain consistency in style and opinion.  If interested, e-mail me using the contact form Contact Me!


Author: bduerksen30 I have an m.a. in history focusing on naval and maritime history in the Atlantic from the seventeenth-early nineteenth centuries. I've worked as a website consultant, and am currently employed as an analyst. I also run the COG Gaming blog for board game reviews, news, and kickstarter highlights. COG Gaming also offers playesting and editing services for new designers, and we're in the process of developing a few titles of our own. Contact me if you're interested in having your game reviewed, previewed, or in one of our other services!

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