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COG Gaming Upcoming Kickstarter Spotlight: The Siblings Trouble

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the siblings trouble

Most of the COG Gaming board game group has a soft spot for cooperative games.  We enjoy confronting challenges together and trying to puzzle through how to reach and complete difficult objectives.  With many of us coming from an RPG background, we also enjoy some form of character improvement or progression be it through levels or acquired items, and we enjoy storytelling; though we don’t play them often, Gloom and Tales of the Arabian Nights are two games I’ve kept in my collection, and one of our frequent players keeps Winter Tales on tap for us now as well.  However, those titles completely lack RPG elements(Tales has some, but they’re more-or-less random and useless) and are competitive, so if we want to play a storytelling game we’re really forced to compartmentalize our enjoyment of those elements and play different games for each, many of which often have longer playtimes than we can fit into our usual get-togethers.

siblings trouble caveThat may be changing with The Siblings Trouble on the horizon, which was part of Cards Against Humanity’s Tabletop Deathmatch Season 2.  Designed by Eduardo Baraf, Kim Robinson, and Andy Ashcraft, this light, cooperative, card-driven adventure game for 2-4 players will hit kickstarter April14, tapping into your inner child as you and your friends explore the fantastical realms that you were able to conjure right outside your back door during your childhood.  The cards provide an overarching direction for players to follow, but the narrative is completely controlled by the players and the stories they choose to weave around each action, object, or confrontation.  From the sounds of things it’s even more open-ended than the other storytelling games I mentioned above with maybe the exception of Winter Tales, and more akin to some of the newer, narrative-driven pen and paper systems like World of Dew.

I’m very excited to get my hands on a copy of this to see how it plays since it will hit that nice play-point of 30 minutes you normally can’t find with RPGs, but will include RPG/adventure elements and free-form storytelling.  Ed was kind enough to agree to answer some interview questions for me about the game, but as it turns out he has already provided interested board gamers with a very informative video that answers all the game, design, and process questions I’d normally like to hear about for an upcoming project.  Below that you’ll also find the Tabletop Deathmatch episode featuring the game. so you can see more information about the game to give you some additional insight into how it plays. So, without further ado please enjoy the videos below, and be sure to visit the The Siblings Trouble Board Game Geek page and like their Facebook Page to keep up ahead of the April 14 launch date!

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