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Trickerion Kickstarter

COG Gaming Kickstarter Highlight: Trickerion Legends of Illusion

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Welcome to this week’s Kickstarter Highlight!  Trickerion: Legends of Illusion is a project that has garnered a fair amount of attention over the past few weeks, and currently stands at almost $170,000 raised of an initial funding goal of $30,000.  It’s one I decided to back as soon as I saw it, and I’ve been very pleased with how the campaign has progressed.

Trickerion contentsTrickerion is a game of magic and illusion where 2-4 players play rival magicians with asymmetric abilities attempting to gain the most fame and fortune during the game’s six performances(rounds).  Each turn the magicians visit various locations to expand their player boards with specialist boards that give them additional action choices, learn more magic tricks and collect the components necessary to pull them off, and prepare the tricks in their workshops for use during each turn’s penultimate performance which will net them fame and money.

The campaign’s art really drew me in from the get-go.  The entire project page has amazing illustrations that fit the art-style of the game which are best described as taking inspiration from old drawn magician or theater posters.  The images really give the entire the campaign a thematic flare that’s normally missing from Kickstarters, and nicely highlights all of the game’s features, what’s included in the box, and the stretch goals.  That art style and theme combine to make some truly stunning components, and this is definitely a game I can’t wait to see on my table.

The game itself also sounds like it combines a number of mechanics in some neat ways, all of which fit well thematically.  There’s hidden, simultaneous action selection system meant to reduce downtime and add some mystery and deduction to everyone’s strategic considerations, an action point system that looks similar to Francis Drake’s sailing phase, and a very cool performance element that is completely player-driven and even allows for combined performances that will net participants extra rewards.  These elements are all highlighted very well in the campaign’s video, and in some great flash animations towards the bottom of the Kickstarter page.

Trickerion’s campaign is one of the better-run Kickstarters I’ve seen, and it does a lot of things that have helped the team far surpass its initial funding goal.  On top of their nice presentation, the stretch goals are all excellent.  There’s really no fluff in the offerings here.  There are a lot of component quality improvements like engraved dice, custom wooden meeples with little hats, cardstock upgrades, and cloth bags.  Other stretch goals focus on additional content, including new cards, prophecies, alternate art specialists, and a double-sided board with alternate art. Each goal has kept people talking about the campaign, and there’s not one I didn’t care about.  Furthermore, the campaign is just simple to understand.  It’s all laid out well, everything that should be included in a Kickstarter is there for backers to make an informed decision, and there are only 2 main pledge levels to try and sort out.  For me, backing the Legend Box for only $10 more was a no-brainer for the added expansion.

As recently highlighted in Jamey Stegmaier’s article on 8 Unique Elements of Recent Crowdfunding Projects, the project also did something very cool to gain quick initial support for the project.  Rather than offer kickstarter exclusives or early-bird pledge levels, both of which are shown to work but also turn off a lot of people to a campaign, Trickerion offered to add 4 additional illusionist characters to the game should it fund within the first week. Yes, please.  Well, it funded within 24 hours, so everyone is getting an additional 4 characters to choose from!  HUGE value added, campaign funded quickly, and no one put off by exclusive rewards: it’s an all-around win.

Really, this is just a top-notch campaign for a game that looks to have huge potential, and I’ll anxiously await my copy later this year.  In the meantime, you still have 10 days to go and check out the Kickstarter and see if it sounds right for you.  Click the image below to pay them a visit!

Trickerion Kickstarter

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