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Kickstarter Highlight: Ophir

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Ophir Title

Welcome to COG Gaming’s first live-campaign Kickstarter Highlight!  In addition to sharing our findings and thoughts on successful Kickstarter campaigns in the hopes other designers will find the information useful for their own projects, part of our goal with the Kickstarter section of the blog is to draw attention to projects we’re excited about while they’re ongoing.  We hope that as our number of readers grow that we may be able to help people find new projects that are right for them that they otherwise may not have heard of, and at the same time help these campaigns achieve success.

Our first entry in the series is for Ophir, a new resource management, set collection, and resource delivery game designed by Jason Kingsley and Charles Wright, and published by Terra Nova games.  I first became aware of this project when one of the designers shared the box art on one of the major board game groups on facebook.  I was, quite frankly, blown away. Naomi Robinson, who has also provided artwork for, among others, Fantasy Frontier, has done a stunning job realizing this game’s vibrant style.

Ophir box art

Ophir box art

Talk about the list image being something that makes you want to click into the campaign page!

Once I read more about the game, I knew it was something I really wanted to back.  Players take on the roles of influential people in society who are all working to construct a temple.  You trade resources around a configurable board, and then make well-timed trades to grab favor, or gold and silver which are used to construct each layer of the temple.

6-tiered Temple players are attempting to construct

6-tiered Temple players are attempting to construct


Having looked over the rules, the gameplay itself looks like it’s fairly straightforward.  There’s no complex iconography players are going to need to grapple with in order to figure out the market system, and the system for movement and checking influence is very easy to grasp.  Simple doesn’t look like it means boring in this case, though, because each turn players are having to decide whether they continue trying to acquire resources, make a trade(and if so, a trade for what), and whether they want to take a potentially riskier but faster route to their target, or choose the safe way around the other players.  I foresee this being a great medium-weight game for my game group, and definitely something families may want to look into for the theme and ease-of-access.

Ophir Ship

Ophir Player Ship

So, if you like what you see above definitely head on over to the Ophir Kickstarter campaign page to get more information!  They’ve put together a very informative introductory video, and even have links to the rules so you can read up on how the game will play for yourself.  The campaign ends on July 14 at 1pm CDT.

Also, if you like what you see be sure to support the campaign on BGG by upvoting their images.  It’s free to do!






– images from Board Game Geek

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