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Shankee Doodle Dandy: Layout Update

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Work on COG Gaming’s first project, Shankee Doodle Dandy, is progressing well!  We’ve had the opportunity to complete a fair amount of additional playtesting, which has resulted in some minor tweaks to values on Generals and some updates to card abilities.

The big update is that we’ve finally got some good working prototype layouts thanks to our graphic designer, Brittany Wink.  The Action, Betrayal, Quickplay, and Equip cards all share the same layout, but with a change of lettering in the upper left wax seal to help identify which type of card you’re holding.  As of last night we also have a working prototype layout for the General cards as well.

Prototype Layouts with placeholder art, and without manufacturing bleed or rounded corners.

Prototype Layouts without manufacturing bleed or rounded corners.

The final cards will have rounded edges.  We’ve also opted to remove the black borders from the General cards since we’re kicking around the idea of having a small board each player will put their General card in the middle of, and it will have a small tracker around the outside of the card so each person can easily keep track of their numerical value throughout the game.  If anyone has suggestions regarding these early prototype layouts, please let us know!  Please keep in mind the art is just placeholder art and looks nothing like the art-style we’ll eventual contract for, the names are still generic, and that these are the prototype templates without manufacturer bleed zones OR rounded corners.  We’re also still trying to figure out what to actually call each player’s numerical value.  We’re thinking ‘defense’, but if people have other suggestions we’d love to hear them.

We’ve also settled on calling Shankee’s point value “bloodlust”, and we’ve come up with a prototype tracker for it.

Prototype Bloodlust Tracker

Prototype Bloodlust Tracker

We had originally debated making this double-sided, but have determined the chances of Shankee’s bloodlust going past 25 are very slim with how the game is currently balanced, and having it reach 30 is really a stretch.  So, we’re hopeful this makes the tracker as functional as it will ever need to be for players.

Within the next week I’m hoping to have the actual names figured out for most of the cards, and from there I can start coming up with some brief flavor text for each one.  We’re also working on the Shankee card template which I’m very excited about, and from there we can start working on card backs!

If you’re interested in helping us playtest the game please shoot me an e-mail or comment!  If you’re local you’re welcome to come to our playtest nights, and if you’re not we can provide you the Print n Play files and rules so you can try it with your own game group and give us some feedback!



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