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Hello, and welcome to the official blog for COG Gaming! COG Gaming  is a newly created tabletop game design venture founded and headed by Ben Duerksen, and currently based in College Station, TX.  Through individual and collaborative efforts, COG seeks to realize the current and future game ideas of its collaborators, and to eventually help others more fully develop their game ideas and turn them into tabletop realities for their gaming groups and, if desired, wider audiences.

We realize the success of any game design studio or publisher hinges on its connections to people, especially in an industry increasingly driven by a strong Kickstarter community.  The creation of this blog and other social media outlets for COG is meant to help us build those connections and become more involved in the tabletop community.  We enjoy commenting on and sharing other publishers’ and designers’ blogs, facebook feeds, and projects, and hope that you will do the same for us!  We’re always looking for ways we can help other projects as well, so if you’ve got an idea for a cross-promotional opportunity please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Hopefully we’ll get some articles up quickly and the facebook page buzzing soon, so start checking back regularly for new articles highlighting Kickstarter campaigns, tabletop news, tabletop game reviews from our weekly game group, and status updates on our current projects!


– Ben



Author: bduerksen30 I have an m.a. in history focusing on naval and maritime history in the Atlantic from the seventeenth-early nineteenth centuries. I've worked as a website consultant, and am currently employed as an analyst. I also run the COG Gaming blog for board game reviews, news, and kickstarter highlights. COG Gaming also offers playesting and editing services for new designers, and we're in the process of developing a few titles of our own. Contact me if you're interested in having your game reviewed, previewed, or in one of our other services!

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